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Is "Now Or Never" Really A Thing?

When I was in high school,

no --- especially when I was on college, I love Starbucks Planners.

Hell I was a sucker for it. Whenever my 'kuyas' and 'ates', from San Beda University's Peace Retreat Movement, bought us Starbucks Frappuccinos I would often be the first in line to beg them for the sticker on those tiny paper cards - that when turned over to the counter can reward you with that year's limited edition planner.

It was a fun thing to collect. You know! With all the hype about the planner, seeing all your seniors - and people you think are cool - around the campus, using the planners as if to say

"I was able to collect enough stickers to get a planner in return!"


"I can afford Php 4,200 worth of coffee!"

Funny thing was that by May of next year, the planners would all be gone - replaced by the usually mundane notebooks you can buy from National Bookstore.

Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Is it really just a hype?

Is the planner too bulky?

Is the planner, like what my old friend would say, just too pretty to write on?

In All Honesty...

The planner, for me, represents something more than just the classy and hip vibe that was the expensive notebook that it is. No --- The planner for me, was a repository of ideas.

It was a bank where I can place all the thoughts I had about something, be it: an idea for a business, the names of the people who I want to get back at (more on this on a later article), the debts I owe to the (names) of people I owe them to, the names of the movies I want to watch (admit it, you have one of these lists), or the places I want to travel to.

What the planner was for me, was somewhere I can place all these plans... these aspirations... these desires... so I can work on them later when I either have enough money, or enough time.

Hmm... "later" that's a tricky word.

I Realized, later on....

As I got older, I climbed the corporate ladder, slowly reaching higher and higher positions, achieving more and more of my dreams, and I collected more and more of these posh planners.

2012, I looked back at these nice diaries and discovered two things:

  1. "I barely wrote at these guys"

  2. "Only 1-2 out of 20 or more things that I said I would do, got done"

So I started to introspect, and these are the things I understood - and consequently, accepted.

We, love to collect ideas...

So when I say 'We', I mean you, me, him, her, us. All of us, in this world. WE-ALL-LOVE-TO-COLLECT-IDEAS.

We can't help it. Whether it's the latest upcoming model of iPhone - and our interests in buying it, or the upcoming Marvel's avenger - and our interest in watching it, we all love to collect something that we 'might' want to use, or do, or consume later.

This is most evident in our love for trending memes and gags on social media, or if not, those cool cooking shows on Tasty. We just love to put all these in a nifty collection box in our social media accounts. See! That's another proof.

These guys in social media, be it facebook, instagram, twitter, know how much we love to collect that they created a function that allows us to save these things on their platform without the need to screenshot them onto our phone galleries.

I'm not saying collecting ideas is bad. What I'm saying is, 7 out of 10 of us won't be able to get back at these ideas in the future. Even if those 7 were able to look at these collections again, by the time they do, only 2 out of 7 would find these things interesting. Why? Because we change.

and so... the 'Later' comes to play...

'Later' is almost always never a good thing when it comes to collecting ideas...

While, it is true, that when the god of death comes for us, we say...

This should never be the same mindset we have for ideas that we think are worth doing. Some of the best things we have now, are results of great people - who as a matter of fact started average - saying "Let's do this now."

Take for example Steve Jobs. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he would wake up every day of his life and ask himself one question, "Is what I'm going to do now, really something I want before I die?" Of course I may have rephrased it, but that's the whole idea isn't it. If what you wrote on your planner, was something you really want to do, before you die, do you even have to write it down? Or would you just get your ass off the bed and do it?

While, of course death, is something we don't want to come for us today - it'll be interesting to see a world where people always act as if tomorrow is their last day on earth.

Let's cut this blog article short for now, and internalize what we've learned. Collecting ideas is not a bad thing in itself, but the habit that forms from collecting them, and not acting on them is a deal breaker you should overcome.

So I bid adios! for now, I'm publishing the continuation to this article next Monday. Till we meet again!

Rhiz Manalo, is the co-partner to CentrAsia Tours, Co-Founder and Co-Owner or The White Dog Collective. He is a seasoned digital marketing expert, an experienced blogger, systems architect, web designer, and a loving father to a beautiful 7 year old girl whom he misses so much!

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